Education Solutions

Our purpose: Provide licensed professional with solutions to manage and advance their career

Pre-licensing education

Our pre-licensing education helps you meet state education requirements and prepares you with the knowledge you need to pass state and national licensing exams.

Test prep solutions

Our test prep solution is designed to help you pass your licensing exam on the first try. Each year, we help hundreds of thousands of aspiring professionals pass their exam.

Continuing education

Millions of professionals turn to our brands to complete their continuing education requirements. Our courses focus on improving your skills, productivity, and advancing your career. Plus, they're all board and state-approved.

Professional development

Build skills to advance your career with our professional development courses, which feature the most up-to-date and important industry topics.  Learn about new topics or brush up on the basics with webinars and online courses.

Membership solutions

Our membership offerings provide licensed professionals with the most convenient option to manage all your educational needs. Membership is a one stop for all your CE, plus professional development courses and tools.

Specialization and designations

We offer training focused on helping professionals boost their performance in specific areas of interest and earn designations that recognize their expertise.