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Our leading brands

Elite Learning

From its beginning in 1999 as a pioneer in continuing education for salon professionals to one that now serves more than 350,000 professionals each year across 24 professions, we've stayed true to our mission to help our customers achieve more in their careers.

Today, we offer healthcare professionals, salon professionals, massage therapists, funeral professionals, and many more a wide range of education and professional development courses across a nationally accredited platform.

McKissock Learning

Since 1990, McKissock has enabled more than two million licensed professionals in the real estate sector to grow their skills and careers.

McKissock offers real estate agents, property appraisers, home inspectors, land surveyors and engineers a wide range of education and professional development courses. Licensed professionals rely on McKissock to help them obtain and maintain their licenses and achieve their learning goals so they can grow their careers.

Real Estate Express

Founded in 1996, Real Estate Express has helped over 200,000 aspiring real estate professionals set the stage for their real estate career.

Real Estate Express' nationally accredited platform offers online pre-licensing courses, post-licensing courses and real estate exam test prep.

Securities Training Corporation

Founded in 1969, STC was created to meet the training needs of the securities industry. Now, 47 years later, our commitment to keeping abreast of the latest technology and hiring only quality people has made STC the most innovative and sought-after training company across the financial services industry.

In addition to offering the widest variety of study options available, STC offers live and virtual classes and On-Demand lectures in an MP4 that puts students in control of their training experience. Our Study Manual is available in both an online and eBook format so that each student can review material whenever, wherever. Plus, our new mobile app lets students conveniently sync with their STCI homeroom from their mobile device. Students can also take advantage of our ten social media outlets to communicate with us on their terms.

Our timeline

From the beginning, Colibri set out to be a leader in online learning education for licensed professionals. We do more than help professionals get licensed and renew their license. We also give them the insights and tools to help them manage and advance their career.

  • BrightPath Education Services, North Carolina’s expert in appraisal education, joins Colibri’s valuation and property services ecosystem.
  • Colibri Group assumes two Florida real estate schools — Gold Coast Schools and Bert Rodgers Schools of Real Estate — to join its real estate ecosystem.
  • Colibri Group acquires Rockwell Institute, expanding our real estate footprint in Washington and California.
  • HomeCEU (formerly HomeCEUConnection) joins our healthcare ecosystem, providing specialty content for occupational and physical therapists.
  • Colibri partners with Gridiron Capital, a Connecticut-based investment firm.
  • Colibri Group acquires Hondros Education Group, a national network of real estate brands with specialty content in Ohio and California.
  • Fitzgerald Health Education Associates joins our family of healthcare brands, expanding Colibri’s reach into curated content for nurse practitioners.
  • Western Schools joins the Colibri’s healthcare ecosystem, providing catered content to nurses, dentists and more.
2017 – 2018
  • 2018: Colibri Group inherits Allied, a leading provider of real estate and appraisal education in California, strengthening our state’s market base.
  • 2018: XCEL Testing Solutions joins our financial services family as the leading test prep provider for insurance licensing.
  • 2017: Advance Healthcare Network joins Colibri Group, offering catered, comprehensive healthcare content to our ecosystem brands. 
2014 – 2016
  • 2016: Colibri acquires Securities Training Corporation in an effort to grow our footprint in the financial services market.
  • 2016:To better appeal to our continuing education community, Colibri launches exclusive membership programs for select ecosystems.
  • 2015: Superior School of Real Estate — North Carolina’s leading real estate education provider — joins our real estate brand community.
  • 2014: Colibri Group partners with Quad-C Management, a private equity firm.
  • 2014: The Institute for Luxury Home Marketing enters the Colibri family, bringing us into specializations and professional development certifications.
2007 – 2013
  • 2013: Real Estate Express joins Colibri Group, adding real estate qualifying education and test prep to our portfolio.
  • 2012: To penetrate the healthcare market, Colibri inherits approved CE provider, Elite CME.
  • 2007: Colibri Group organically enters real estate’s agent and broker CE market.
2001 – 2004
  • 2004: Alpine Investors partners with Colibri Group.
  • 2001: Elite Learning is founded, offering nationwide CE options like online and correspondence courses.

McKissock Learning offers its first online course, quickly becoming the largest CE provider in the real estate and appraisal industries.

Introducing Colibri, our hummingbird

Pronounced Co-LEE-bree. Who knew hummingbirds are among the smartest, most maneuverable, and most powerful fliers of all birds on the planet? We think the hummingbird is a fitting symbol of aspiration and achieving more in your careers. Click the plus symbols to reveal some cool facts!

Upper WingBrainBeakLower WingUnder WingTail
The only bird that gets its strength from the upstroke.

(Soars just like we imagine our customers doing when they learn more.) Hey, that's our logo!

Largest brain of any bird by percent of body weight.

One smart bird with a high capacity for learning (like our customers!)

The hummingbird

vital to the reproduction of flowers. Notice the flowers throughout our website? The real estate business has a vast cross-pollinating effect on our economy and people's lives, ensuring the exchange and enduring care of homes, buildings and land.

Has a cool scientific theory named after him: The Hummingbird Effect.

It's when one innovation triggers many more. It was inspired by hummingbird wing adaptations over time.

Spectacularly nimble and fast as it flies.

Who among us hasn't been dazzled by the lightening quick reflexes of a hummingbird? Then said to ourselves, wouldn't that be amazing to do?

The most maneuverable bird of all.

Hummingbirds can fly backwards, upside down and hover in place. Fitting, because we think the more you learn the more you can maneuver in your career.

 One million professionals trust Colibri every education cycle to help them manage and advance their career