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Chief Technology Officer
"Reflecting a bigger future"

Todd Premo

Todd Premo is Colibri Group’s chief technology officer. As CTO, Todd leads Colibri’s information technology team and, together, they deliver innovative tech solutions to provide the best user experience for customers. 

Todd says maintaining a relevant, effective online presence for Colibri means constantly seeking new, efficient, customer-centric ways to deliver.  

When he’s not solving for Colibri’s online experience, Todd is out on the water. Growing up on the Great Lakes solidified his love for boating and sailing, but he also has a second love: designing and building audio systems. Additonally, he’s a proud leader for the Boy Scouts of America. 

Of Colibri’s core values, two speak to Todd the most: curiosity and teamwork.  

About curiosity, Todd says, “Everyone brings certain values, ideas, and expectations to the table and, if we embrace and are curious about what people bring, we’re much more effective about finding innovative solutions — often in ways we maybe hadn’t expected or thought of.” Leaning into his other favorite value, teamwork, Todd has a particular philosophy about it: “My job isn’t so much to direct a team; it’s to enable and empower them.” 

Prior to Colibri, Todd served as chief product officer and general manager at OnCourse Learning, an online education company for the financial services industry. Before OnCourse Learning, he led teams at Pulse, Inc., serving the ambulatory healthcare market with clinical and practice management solutions. With more than 25 years of experience in product, tech, and leadership, Todd develops high-performing teams and industry-leading product solutions.  

He holds both a bachelor’s and master’s degree in engineering from Purdue University. 

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