Chief Executive Officer

Mike Duran

As CEO, Mike Duran focuses his energy on strategy, culture, and people development. Strategically, he leads the company to focus its energy on creating value for customers and other stakeholders through technology, product, and marketing.  Organizationally, he applies his entrepreneurial style to build a best-in-class Colibri team that drives innovation and delivers exceptional customer experiences. He also builds relationships with founders of professional education companies that may be considering an ownership transition. The company has always had strong organic growth and employee friendly business practices, and since joining as CEO in 2011 he has worked with transitioning founders of other professional education companies to successfully lead the company through the acquisition of nine additional education brands.  Under his leadership, Colibri has created a new standard for professional education and has grown the company to teach more than 1 million licensed professionals each education cycle.

Mike has spent his career learning and leading in the areas of organizational development, operational execution, finance, and new business development. He has worked with numerous companies to craft their market strategy, hire talent, grow revenue, and deliver bottom-line results. Before Colibri Group, Mike was a founding partner at Alpine Investors.  McKissock Education, the first brand in Colibri’s portfolio, was an investment he led and managed for Alpine from 2004 through 2010.  It was one of Alpine’s most successful investments in its history concluding with its exit to Quad-C Management in 2014.  Earlier in his career, Mike was a part of the structured finance team at Toyota USA and held a senior operating leadership role within another p/e backed portfolio company.

Mike received his MBA from Stanford University’s Graduate School of Business with an emphasis on entrepreneurship and finance. He holds a BA in Economics and Philosophy from Claremont McKenna College.