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Vice President, Corporate Development
"Hard work fuels adventure"

Jack Kelly

Jack Kelly is Colibri Group’s vice president of corporate development. Together with his team, Jack manages Colibri Group’s acquisitions and partnerships and supports the business’ integration efforts.  

“To support Colibri’s business units in their vision and growth strategies, we source and invest in businesses, especially to build upon and add value to our career life cycle offerings,” he says. 

When he’s not expanding Colibri’s footprint, Jack is exploring and adventuring. Whether it’s skiing, golfing, fly fishing, or traveling, Jack and his wife are always seeking adventure somewhere. 

Of Colibri’s core values, Jack’s favorite is curiosity; he believes asking hard questions leads to the right solutions. “Even if we’re winning, why are we winning? I’m always curious about the ‘why’ and how we can uncover the largest growth opportunities.” 

Prior to Colibri, Jack worked in Robert W. Baird’s global investment banking division as an associate and analyst. Before that, he worked as an auditor with Deloitte but realized his true career passion was geared more toward finance, leading him to Baird. In his last year at Baird, Jack advised Colibri on the company’s sale from its former private equity partner to its current one, Gridiron Capital. This helped solidify his eventual career shift to Colibri, where he’s facilitated mergers and acquisitions since 2019. 

Jack holds a bachelor’s and master’s in accounting from the University of Denver. He is also a licensed CPA. 

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