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Diane S., Indiana

McKissock courses are pretty comprehensive. Even after over 25 years in business I am always learning more.

Ricci H., Massachusetts

McKissock courses offer relevant content that is useful in the every-day work of appraising. No fluff, just focusing on the theories, issues and advice that is helpful and pertinent.

Injeel H., California

Your customer service team member was personable and a joy to speak and work with. She understood my CE needs and was quickly and efficiently able to help me enroll and obtain my sign-on information. She made it very easy to do business with McKissock. I am not surprised by this however, as over the past 5 years I have always chosen McKissock for ALL my CE courses. Very well done!

“When you invest your money, time, sweat, and tears into building a business, you are particular about the company to whom you sell it; I know I was. Colibri Group turned out to be a great choice! The price was fair and the process straightforward. I stayed on for a year after the closing and found the Colibri folks to be smart, honest, and dedicated to serving customers and growing the business … Colibri has done just what I hoped they would do: taken my company to the next level. I would sell to them again in a heartbeat!” (partnered October 2014)   — Laurie Moore-Moore, founder and owner of Institute for Luxury Home Marketing

, Unknown

John H., Pennsylvania

McKissock courses are extremely convenient. It was great to go at my own pace and take breaks at my leisure. Having a busy schedule, this was a great way to continue my education while staying on course with other work.

Russell B., Connecticut

McKissock is the best platform for my appraisal continuing education. The system is user friendly and extremely convenient.

Gregory, South Carolina

McKissock has well written and developed courses that always hold my interest for the entire duration. The practicality of the topic (and often funny comments) in regards to my daily work life help make their courses enjoyable.