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Share your goals for the future

Colibri Group understands the nuances and complexity of the professional education industry because we live in your world. We know what it takes to find success in every new project or challenge.

So when it comes to partnering with your organization, our mission is no different: We seek to expand and fine-tune the engine of your company — the heart of it, if you will — through the highest quality marketing strategies, technological capabilities, financial resources, and overall scale.

Most importantly, you lead the way: Share your goals for the future and security of your company, and we’ll strive to make them work.

As a strategic investor, Colibri Group has supported all levels of post-transaction founder engagement, including a continuation of your current role, a smooth transitionary period, or immediate retirement.


Why founders partner with us

Making big decisions for your company requires many things: sacrifice, courage, vision and — perhaps most importantly — trust. This is your baby, after all. And at Colibri Group, we get that. But don’t just take it from us; hear what our partners have to say:

“When you invest your money, time, sweat, and tears into building a business, you are particular about the company to whom you sell it; I know I was. Colibri Group turned out to be a great choice! The price was fair and the process straightforward. I stayed on for a year after the closing and found the Colibri folks to be smart, honest, and dedicated to serving customers and growing the business … Colibri has done just what I hoped they would do: taken my company to the next level. I would sell to them again in a heartbeat!” (partnered October 2014)

— Laurie Moore-Moore, founder and owner of Institute for Luxury Home Marketing

“Selling a family business is not an easy endeavor. Emotions run high as you are concerned about what will happen to the entity that has been the central focus of your professional life. The team at Colibri made the process both comfortable and transparent. They were highly organized and were fully clear as to why and how our company fit into their strategic goals. As a CEO, I found Colibri’s dedicated transition team extremely helpful in counseling me on how to steer the staff through the changes that an acquisition creates.”  (partnered July 2016)

— Paul Wesiman, owner and CEO of Securities Training Corporation

“Transitioning into an acquisition by a competitor can be a difficult thing. Will cultures fit? Will I fit? My experience was that Colibri had the same people-focused and results-driven culture that I was accustomed to and, with it, the structure, processes, and vernacular that made an idea into a sustainable way of life. Colibri believes in finding — and sometimes creating — opportunities for its best people … Culture at Colibri is not something talked about; it is lived actively, every day, across all levels and locations of the organization. I have developed more as a professional within my nearly 10 years at Colibri than any other time of my professional life … Colibri has consistently operated with the highest integrity and has a rare balance of excellent people and performance.” (partnered September 2013)

— Tom Davidson, Real Estate Express

“All owners are nervous about selling their company that they have worked so hard on for so many years. I was no different when I sold my company, Elite CME, to Colibri in 2012. It’s 8 years later, and I still consult for Colibri and do what I love to do, but with a lot less stress. They have treated me with respect, they value my opinion and, more importantly, they have grown my company. I am proud to be a part of the Colibri family and have never once regretted my decision to sell.” (partnered March 2012)

—Todd Mowl, founder and owner of Elite CME


Our Approach to Partnership

Colibri Group is the industry’s trusted source for bringing organizations like yours to the next level. Your business goals and vision are what drive us. That’s why we work with you to develop a compelling operating plan that ensures your company — your pride and joy — continues on a successful path.

We can relate.

Even after more than 30 years, we still maintain our entrepreneurial spirit. We have great respect for the hard work and dedication that goes into building a business, and we believe in protecting that legacy.

We start with your goals.

In any transaction, we start the conversation with your story: We want to know where you started and where you’d like to go. And though business valuation is important, entrepreneurial goals often transcend this. For that reason, we strive to support and promote your personal and career objectives.

We believe in flexibility.

To achieve a desirable outcome for both parties, flexibility is key. For that reason, we’ll strive to meet your financial goals while also crafting a plan to support the future success of the combined organization. For an extra layer of support, Colibri Group works with private equity firm Gridiron Capital, ranked one of Inc Magazine’s top founder-friendly PE firms in the nation. With their support, we’re able to provide a dedicated M&A team to ensure a successful, efficient transaction.

Recent Partnerships

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