Vice President of Platform Management

Passion statement: "Change can be fun"

Tom Wilhelm

Tom Wilhelm is Colibri Group’s vice president of platform management. In his role, Tom oversees our common product portfolio and its supporting technologies. 

“I’m focused on our next generation of learning solutions that improve outcomes,” he says. “My team and I are driven by the customer’s voice — we strive to create experiences that bring users joy and help them achieve their career goals.”

Although Tom grew up in Metropolis, Illinois (Superman’s hometown!), Tom lives and works in St. Louis. Over the years, he’s developed a passion for historic home restoration and remodeling in the old river city. 

When he’s not restoring old properties, Tom is hiking challenging, off-the-grid terrains in Alaska, Montana, and other majestic locations. He’s also a founder, builder, and volunteer for Camp Ondessonk, a Southern Illinois youth camp where kids learn (and appreciate) life’s lessons through the great outdoors. 

His favorite core value at Colibri is teamwork: “Over the years, I’ve come to realize that nothing worth building is ever achieved alone. Together, teams can accomplish so much more than any one individual.” ” 

Tom believes teamwork and collaboration are key to success. In any good company, he says a team doesn’t work for an executive C-suite: “We work for the team.” 

Prior to Colibri Group, Tom worked as an executive at Elsevier — a global health and science information provider — where he led digital transformation initiatives.   

He holds an MBA from Maryville University.