Healthcare education

Improve patient outcomes with a healthy amount of knowledge

Elite Learning

Elite Learning is a comprehensive online learning destination that provides professionals with convenient ways of managing and advancing their careers, from required continuing education to news and resources. Featuring a proprietary learning platform and a comprehensive library of courses, Elite Learning offers CE to licensed professionals in healthcare, including nurses, social workers, physical therapists, and occupational therapists as well as numerous other licensed professions. Elite Learning helps professionals learn more so they can succeed in their careers.

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Advance Healthcare

A trusted source of industry news and information for millions of healthcare professionals over 32 years; ADVANCE Healthcare Network, an Elite Learning Company, proudly serves nursing, rehab and allied healthcare professionals nationwide by providing insightful and timely news, clinical information, and relevant career/networking opportunities to give professionals everything they need to succeed.

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Western Schools

Western Schools is a nationally accredited and approved, widely recognized leader in continuing education for healthcare professionals, offering expert-authored and peer-reviewed courses. It provides a robust library of affordable coursework in hard copy, online, video, and audio formats.  Since its beginning in 1986, Western Schools has been at the forefront of professional continuing education (CE), providing evidence-based, peer-reviewed CE courses to more than 1 million nurses, advanced practice nurses, psychiatric technicians, and nursing home administrators, enabling these professionals to fulfill their re-licensure requirements and meet other credentialing needs.

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